What is a Holistic Chiropractor?

Holistic care is defined as addressing a person’s health as a whole, focusing on mental, social, and spiritual factors instead of just physical disease or diagnosis. You may have heard the terms “holistic chiropractor” or “holistic treatment” thrown around more than usual the past decade or so. In a Western society that has focused primarily on treating physical disease only, the return to a more traditional health outlook and treatment plan is a great sign.

What Does a Holistic Chiropractor Do?

It turns out that including the word holistic before chiropractor is a bit redundant. This is because the training that each chiropractor undergoes to become a doctor is built around addressing health holistically. While chiropractors are often referred to as “back doctors,” they truly do look at your health as a whole. This is because they understand the importance of the interplay between all of the different structures and organs in the body- starting with the base of everything: the spine.

All chiropractors are trained in addressing health holistically or knowing how to refer to an appropriate healthcare professional if a patient’s problems are out of their scope. This is an important distinction to be able to make because different types of holistic providers can provide different treatment options depending on a person’s needs. Thus, a good chiropractor knows when their treatment techniques will be beneficial and when it’s best to recommend further assessment. The ability to do this and work in a collaborative mindset with other professionals is truly a holistic approach.

Starting with Spine Alignment

When approaching your health and well-being holistically, it is essential to truly understand the underlying issues that are causing your health to be less than optimal. One common root cause of dysfunction that can manifest an issue in any realm of health is spine misalignment. This is because poor spine alignment leads to compromised nerve energy. The integrity of our nervous system is vital for all bodily functions, from basic cellular processes to higher level thinking. Thus, spine misalignment- a common issue that many people aren’t even aware they’re dealing with- can have major repercussions for achieving true health and thriving.

ChiroPractic BioPhysics (CBP) as the Gold Standard

There is one type of chiropractor specifically trained with state of the art research and protocols for optimizing your spine health. Any practitioner certified in CBP is your best option for addressing your spine alignment and health in a way that unlocks your body’s best health potential. CBP care providers have great success with clients that have suffered with symptoms that seem ambiguous for traditional medical treatment methods and providers.

Holistic care should not be considered hippie or fluffy. Instead, it is one of the most sustainable ways to feel great in every stage of life. Find a CBP provider that can address any underlying spine issues first. Then, they can make further treatment and lifestyle recommendations from there. See what is available is your area and get in touch with a clinic today.