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Sagittal Cervical Alignment Outcomes Are Linked to Pain, Disability, and Neurophysiological Improvements

By: Deed E. Harrison, DC Chronic cervical spine disorders is one of the leading causes of disability across nations and cultures.1 There exists an opinion in the spinal health literature that the presence and extent of the cervical sagittal plane curve is unrelated to spine pain conditions and patient health.2 However, in this author’s opinion, […]

Exploring Spinal Mobilization Techniques and Their Place in Chiropractic Treatment

Spinal adjustments are the cornerstone of chiropractic. They’re used to help maintain the spine’s health and integrity, while alleviating peripheral problems such as restricted nerve pathways. But adjustments aren’t as simple as pushing on the right area of the spine or exerting a specific modicum of force. Often, the spine needs to be properly mobilized […]

Introducing Patients to the McKenzie Method of Exercising to Improve Spine Health

Chiropractors have a variety of methodologies and techniques they can employ to assist them in correcting a patient’s spinal misalignments. Gonstead Technique and other HVLA adjustment methodologies are the primary modalities, allowing professionals to tailor individual adjustments around the unique needs of patients. And, of course, Chiropractic BioPhysics (CBP) enables them to deliver those adjustments […]

Linking Whiplash to Herniated Cervical Discs and Radiculopathy

Whiplash is among the most devastating of cervical spine injuries. The rapid acceleration-deceleration movement is powerful enough to tear muscles and ligaments, tear and bruise soft tissue, and herniate cervical discs. Further, it’s a condition that often doesn’t get the attention it demands, due to the late-onset nature of many symptoms. As symptoms do develop, […]

Pain, Weakness, and Numbness: The Degenerative Nature of Radiculopathy

There’s a lot of truth to the concept that, if not properly addressed, health problems will only continue to get worse over time. This is particularly true of pain issues rooted in the spine: namely radiculopathy. If ignored or left unchecked, it has the potential to become progressively and alarmingly worse. The problem with degenerative […]

Using Holistic Chiropractic to Get a Grip on Total Body Wellness

The human body is a complex, interconnected system. This means when a problem develops, it’s not always going to present in the same way each time. To make matters even more complicated, each person is unique and different, which only increases the variability in how issues may come to fruition. Simply put: figuring out what’s […]

Managing Juvenile Disc Disorder for Better Developing Spine Health

Disc deterioration and degeneration aren’t things most people have to worry about until they enter their golden years. That doesn’t mean it’s not completely out of the picture for juveniles and young adults, however. Juvenile disc disorder may be rare, but it’s a condition that demands rapid, ongoing attention to ensure the long-term spine health […]

Understanding the Gate Control Theory of Chronic Pain

Chronic back pain can be difficult to diagnose and treat, particularly when chiropractors are looking for a specific underlying problem to solve. In reality, pain is often much more complex and can be affected by a number of external and internal factors. One of the major ways today’s chiropractors assess chronic pain and make treatment […]