Strategic Partnership with MyChiroPractice

MyChiroPractice, the only research-based chiropractic brand management company in the world, proudly announces its strategic partnership with Chiropractic BioPhysics® – the most scientific, comprehensive, and systematic technique in chiropractic.

The strategic partnership will facilitate the means for both companies to work together in educating potential patients about the advantages of CBP®, while building CBP practitioners’ images with state of the art and informative websites, marketing material, and high-end branding elements such as logos.

“With our extensive design experience, invaluable focus group data, understanding of the chiropractic culture, and immense knowledge of potential patients’ conscious and subconscious behavior, we are able to create effective brands for chiropractors – that not only attract quality patients to the practice, but educate those patients seeking care.” said Ardavan Javid, co-founder of MyChiroPractice, and a CBP patient.

“In the world of marketing, you get one chance to make a great first impression – so by putting ourselves in the shoes of a potential patient – we can avoid costly mistakes that other designers simply overlook” said Kevin Javid, co-founder of MyChiroPractice, and a CBP patient as well.

Dr. Deed Harrison, CEO of Chiropractic BioPhysics agrees that a professional chiropractor’s image and the right education play a pivotal role in attracting new patients to CBP and CBP practitioner offices.

“As a prominent spine researcher and a former practicing clinician, I know that CBP Technique offers many solutions for patients’ spinal disorders and overall health. However, if our outside image perception does not match our internal image reality we will never get the chance to help the patient achieve their health goals.” said Dr. Deed Harrison.

MyChiroPractice and Chiropractic BioPhysics hope to unite all CBP practitioners in joining the movement – by not only creating the highest form of branding and web presence, but educating potential chiropractic patients on just how life-changing CBP truly is.

“I have placed my trust and reputation in the re-construction of all CBP’s websites in the hands of MyChiroPractice; I urge all CBP doctors to do the same and join us in taking CBP technique into the future”, said Dr. Deed Harrison.

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