Restoring Patient Range of Motion Through Corrective Chiropractic

Chiropractic is about more than just relief from acute pain. It’s actually focused on long-term, sustainable health through maintenance of an ideal spinal posture. The goal is to not just alleviate pain, but to ensure healthful living by establishing foundational wellness.

Corrective chiropractic is a specific approach that showcases the larger scope of chiropractic care. Often, corrective chiropractic is used to address an acute or chronic issue, where it’s then built upon to establish wellness into the future. It’s a favorite of Chiropractic BioPhysics (CBP) practitioners and the basis for which Ideal Spine creates tailored wellness plans.

This approach to chiropractic is most often illustrated when patients are recovering from conditions where range of motion is impeded or restricted.

What is corrective chiropractic?

Corrective chiropractic is the act of restoring and maintaining spinal integrity and balance. It’s executed in phases, each of which plays an essential role in reestablishing patient wellness and range of motion. The process looks like this:

  1. Use adjustments to correct spinal imbalance;
  2. Establish stability of the spine;
  3. Regain mobility to affected areas;
  4. Recondition to reestablish full range of motion;
  5. Develop strength in formally affected area;
  6. Gauge improvement and/or reassess corrections.

Following this step-by-step guide, chiropractors are able to help patients overcome a variety of limitations. From frozen shoulders to partial soft tissue paralysis after events like whiplash, corrective chiropractic is designed for incremental buildup and improvement.

Why focus on range of motion?

Patients frequently wonder what the benefits of range of motion exercises are when they acute ailments like a slipped disc or even chronic conditions like sciatic nerve pain. When leveraged into a corrective chiropractic approach, range of motion exercises facilitate long-term wellness. Having full range of motion develops mobility and strength, which can be enough to stave off recurring concerns of the spine’s ability to properly support the body.

Range of motion across the chiropractic spectrum

Not only can restoring range of motion enhance overall spinal stability for the long-term, pinpointing where mobility is disrupted can actually open the door for a corrective approach. For example, restricted range of motion in the neck can help chiropractors identify area of concern, then correct them via adjustment and a CBP schedule.

Once range of motion is restored, corrective chiropractic can be deployed in yet another capacity: through maintenance. Imparting strengthening exercises, stretches, lifestyle changes, postural habits, and more in patients enables them to maintain range of motion after it’s restored via adjustment. This often leads to long-term spinal integrity and a better quality of life.

Recognizing the importance of range of motion

Ideal Spine chiropractors practicing CBP understand the relationship between spinal integrity and range of motion. It’s why corrective chiropractic plays such an integral role in tailored CBP adjustment plans. With range of motion as an indicator of trouble, a catalyst for relief, and a proactive method for preventing future conditions from arising, it’s a central focus in any corrective chiropractic plan.

Chiropractic BioPhysics® corrective care trained Chiropractors are located throughout the United States and in several international locations. CBP providers have helped thousands of people throughout the world realign their spine back to health, and eliminate a source of chronic back pain, chronic neck pain, chronic headaches and migraines, fibromyalgia, and a wide range of other health conditions. If you are serious about your health and the health of your loved ones, contact a CBP trained provider today to see if you qualify for care. The exam and consultation are often FREE. See for providers in your area.

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