How Corrective Care May Help with Acid Reflux Disease/Digestive Issues

Acid reflux disease is a common problem that occurs when stomach acid flows past the esophageal sphincter and back into the esophagus itself. This leads to sensations of burning and discomfort in the chest, also known as heartburn. If this occurs two or more times a week, it is considered Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease or GERD.

Symptoms are most common after eating a meal, especially if lying down immediately after. Additional complaints include nausea, an inability to swallow, feeling as if the throat is blocked, and an acidic taste in the mouth.

The underlying cause of acid reflux has to do with the ability of the digestive system to work without unnecessary outside influences. Through Ideal Spine’s science-backed, results-oriented Chiropractic BioPhysics (CBP), a chiropractor may be able to help restore balance throughout the spine and body and promote optimal digestion without onset of acid reflux symptoms.

The causes of Acid Reflux Disease

The most common causes of acid reflux include obesity, poor posture, and pregnancy because of the pressure they place on the stomach. Additionally, a hiatal (stomach) hernia, smoking, poor diet, and stress can all lead to acid reflux as well. Anything that alters the body’s ability to create digestive enzymes and acid or it’s structural function (due to misalignment) may lead to less than ideal digestion and acid reflux symptoms.

Common treatment options for acid reflux include a change of diet, learning to eat less food at a slower pace, weight loss, stopping smoking, posture education, and staying up after eating. Additionally, certain medications such as estrogen, nonsteroidal anti-inflammatories, and anti-depressants may need to be modified since they may affect the efficiency of the esophageal sphincter. Keep in mind that if trouble with swallowing and choking persist or become more severe, medical attention should be sought out immediately.

How Chiropractic may Help Digestion

Working with a CBP chiropractor may potentially help maximize your outcomes for acid reflux treatment. They will help address spinal misalignment that is affecting the body’s nerve flow for proper digestion.

When the entire body is in balance and alignment, it will be easier for the physical process of digestion to occur. Plus, neural inputs from the autonomic system (where digestion is controlled) and other areas of the brain and spinal cord will be able to occur uninhibited.

Additional chiropractic treatments that may be of benefit include posture and lifestyle education, weight management, soft tissue therapy, and core strengthening to alleviate stomach pressure. Consult with a chiropractor and physician to determine what treatment options are best.

Poor digestion and acid reflux is hard on the entire body, since it affects our ability to properly absorb nutrients and focus on other equally important bodily processes. The sooner relief occurs the sooner life can go back to normal.

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