How Chiropractic Care can Help Your Neck Pain

man holding neck in pain
If you’ve ever experienced neck pain, you know how it can interfere with your normal daily activities. Upwards of 30% of adults in the U.S. experience neck pain each year. The neck is a high traffic area and can become a victim to a lot of unnecessary damage and impact secondary to trauma, overuse, or less obvious issues related to spine alignment.

Neck pain and spine alignment

The top 6 vertebrae in our spines are designated as the cervical spine, or neck. Functionally, this area houses some pretty important central nervous system hardware that allows us to properly receive signals from the brain, relay signals to the brain for perception, and control sensation and motor control of the head, neck, and upper body. It is also the “highway” to lower levels of the spinal cord.

You probably know how detrimental damage to the neural tissue in the neck can be when a fracture or severe trauma is endured. It can lead to paralysis of the limbs and trouble with basic functions like breathing and bowel function (depending on what level is affected). This is an extreme example. Yet, there are many people dealing with impaired neural energy primarily due to issues with spine alignment every single day. When the spine is misaligned, particularly in the neck, it can manifest as pain, loss of normal function, and other factors that affect quality of life.

Causes of neck pain

Here are some of the most common causes of neck pain:

  • Tech neck. This is an epidemic problem nowadays with many people slouched over their phones and technology for both work and recreation.
  • Trauma. Whether from a fall, blow to the head, or car accident, direct trauma to the neck or head can lead to soreness.
  • Injury. This is typically secondary to strain with use of the upper body or spending too long in an awkward position, particularly sleep.
  • Poor mechanics. Completing your daily activities with bad form is a recipe for disaster. This can include bad posture or poor overall mechanics of the upper body that are straining the neck.
  • Headaches. When headaches are caused by muscle tension or strain, it can easily translate to neck pain as well (the reciprocal is true too!).
  • Spine alignment. While some alignment issues that were just discussed in the bullets above are more obvious, there are also many subtle differences that can be affecting your neck’s ability to cope.

Addressing the underlying problem with CBP care

While there can be many issues that lead to neck pain, the one root cause remains the same. Spine misalignment can leave your neck feeling sore and stiff. Chiropractic BioPhysics (CBP) treatment is an exclusive research-oriented and results-based approach that treats this common cause of neck pain.

A CBP care provider is specially trained to recognize and address any alignment issues non-invasively, effectively, and holistically. Get in touch with a practitioner in your area today to discuss what options are available to you. Treat, manage and prevent your neck pain so that you can get back to focusing on what you want in life.

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