Failed Back Surgery Syndrome is Proof Back Surgery is a Last Resort

In the case of chronic back pain, patients don’t always believe they have a lot of choice. When faced with persistent aches and pains and the desire to avoid long-term painkiller use, conventional medicine typically suggests that patients undergo back surgery to stabilize and rectify the back problem. Unfortunately, back surgery isn’t always the miraculous cure patients expect it to be.

Back surgery is extremely invasive and expensive, and it may even cause more problems than it solves in the end. This is the case with failed back surgery syndrome (FBSS). Rather than encourage patients to pursue invasive surgery, the spinal experts at Ideal Spine urge patients to pursue alternative treatment methods and treat back surgery as a last resort.

What is failed back surgery syndrome?

The term “failed back surgery syndrome” represents the experience many patients have in which they continue to experience back pain even after spinal surgery. The pain may be a continuation of pain from before surgery or new pain caused by an additional spinal problem.

FBSS is not necessarily indicative of a problem with the surgical procedure itself. The unfortunate truth is that back surgery is not 100 percent effective, and the problem causing pain may not even be able to be fixed through surgery.

In many cases, the root cause of a patient’s pain is not properly identified before surgery or is unable to be rectified through surgery because it encompasses many parts. Surgery is most likely to fix singular, easily identified problems such as an unstable joint or a pinched nerve. However, other problems that cause back pain may not be alleviated through surgery comprehensively or at all.

Because back surgery is so invasive and can have a long recovery period, it can be extremely frustrating for patients with back pain to discover that their pain has not been alleviated after the fact. Sometimes, the patient is unable to undergo another surgery for quite some time and must instead live with the pain.

Using chiropractic as an alternative to surgery

For these reasons, it is advisable for patients with back pain to seek alternative methods of treatment prior to exploring back surgery as an option. Chiropractic care is one alternative that may help patients manage chronic pain in a non-invasive and gentle way.

Chiropractic care may alleviate discomfort or pain caused by a variety of spinal problems, including pinched nerves, bulging discs, disc degeneration, spinal stenosis, and more. Chiropractic treatment plans may use a variety of methods in a comprehensive approach to potentially provide back pain relief, increased mobility, and strength. These may include Chiropractic BioPhysics (CBP) techniques like adjustments, as well as physical therapy, massage, and at-home treatments.

Additionally, chiropractic is safe for long-term treatment, meaning patients may return over time if new problems with the spine develop, as is common with spinal degeneration or compression issues.

Due to back surgery’s high risk for complications and FBSS, back surgery should be treated as a last resort after exhausting other potentially effective treatment methods. Chiropractors who are trained in the Ideal Spine methods should encourage patients to seek alternative treatments, including chiropractic, in order to reduce the risk for continued pain after invasive surgery.

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