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The Many Roles of Pain Management for Chronic Back Pain

Thousands of people live each day with chronic pain. This pain cannot always be explained or even cured, often leading to a cycle of failed treatments and frustration. Chronic pain has become so prevalent that the practice of pain management, or pain medicine, has become much more important. Chiropractic care is one of the many […]

Breaking Down Scar Tissue Using Proven Chiropractic Techniques

Scar tissue is a big problem if left unmanaged. Patients overcoming traumatic injury often have to cope with issues presented by scar tissue – things like restricted mobility and range of motion, or lack of flexibility. While scar tissue is part of the healing process, in some cases it’s the start of yet another recovery […]

The Opioid Crisis has Reached its Boiling Point

For years, Ideal Spine has preached chiropractic as a safer alternative to prescription painkillers for those living with chronic pain. Now, after more than a decade of momentum, the opioid crisis has come to a head. More than ever, people need to break free from opioid dependence and address their chronic pain, instead of masking […]

Anti-Inflammatory Foods Could be What’s Missing from a Well-Rounded Treatment Plan

Although they are known for solving problems related to the alignment and physiology of the spine, chiropractors do much more than simply provide adjustments. Each individual patient should receive a personalized treatment plan that covers aspects apart from what occurs in the chiropractic office, including at-home pain relief, stretches, physical therapy, and lifestyle adjustments. Without […]

Failed Back Surgery Syndrome is Proof Back Surgery is a Last Resort

In the case of chronic back pain, patients don’t always believe they have a lot of choice. When faced with persistent aches and pains and the desire to avoid long-term painkiller use, conventional medicine typically suggests that patients undergo back surgery to stabilize and rectify the back problem. Unfortunately, back surgery isn’t always the miraculous […]

Testing for Spinal Stenosis to Achieve an Accurate Diagnosis

Spinal stenosis is a condition that requires a definite diagnosis. Misdiagnosing or treating only the symptoms puts the long-term spinal health of patients in danger. Likewise, not being aggressive enough with treatment does little to bring relief to someone suffering from a narrowing of the spinal canal. Ideal Spine preaches the importance of accurate diagnosis […]

Shifted Hips Require Conservative Realignment from a Chiropractor

A growing portion of the population is suffering from chronic hip and back pain. Shifted hips stem from a variety of underlying issues, including sedentary lifestyles causing anterior pelvic shifts, overuse due to sports or labor, arthritis, osteoporosis, pinched nerves, and more. Patients with hip pain are often told they need surgery to fix their […]