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Breaking Down the Braces Used to Correct Scoliosis

Scoliosis is easily recognized in children and developing young adults. Caught early enough, modern correction systems offer enough relief to all but erase the condition, leaving behind a well-formed spinal curve. But aside from early identification, the right course of corrective action is crucial. Ideal Spine urges chiropractors to not only understand bracing for scoliosis, […]

Here’s Why Patient History is a Cornerstone of Chiropractic

Many patients visit a chiropractor with a certain expectation of how the visit will go. They’ll lay down on the table while the chiropractor palpates their spine, pushing and pulling specific areas. They’ll hear pops and cracks, and feel their tension go away. And when they stand up, they’ll magically feel better! Based on this […]

Teaching Activity Modification Requires Constant Reinforcement

Humans are largely creatures of habit. It can be difficult to influence people to change the way they do things, particularly when they have years of a under their belts. Chiropractors often experience this challenge with patients who require activity modification to prevent pain and amplify healing due to an injury or chronic condition. Enforcing […]

Testing for Range of Motion Diminished by Ankylosing Spondylitis

Back pain is a common complaint of chiropractic patients today, but certain conditions cause more unique symptoms that give professionals a better idea of what they are dealing with. In the case of ankylosing spondylitis, a very limited range of motion in the back and pelvis after persistent pain is sometimes enough to clue chiropractors […]

Linking Signs of Depression with Poor Spine Health

Even though depression is a disease rooted in the chemical makeup of the brain, it has close connections with the physical health of the rest of the body – including the back. Things like chronic pain and poor spine health can take a toll on mental health, potentially causing depression. But what many people don’t […]

Distance Runners and Endurance Athletes Need to Keep a Standing Chiropractic Appointment

In the same way endurance athletes and runners should regularly visit an athletic trainer or a physical therapist to maintain good athletic performance, chiropractors should also urge their athletic clients to make routine visits for chiropractic adjustments and care. Chiropractic has a lot to offer endurance athletes, from potential improved mobility to possibly relieving aches […]

Sagittal Cervical Alignment Outcomes Are Linked to Pain, Disability, and Neurophysiological Improvements

By: Deed E. Harrison, DC Chronic cervical spine disorders is one of the leading causes of disability across nations and cultures.1 There exists an opinion in the spinal health literature that the presence and extent of the cervical sagittal plane curve is unrelated to spine pain conditions and patient health.2 However, in this author’s opinion, […]

Helping Patients Understand their Neuropathy and its Causes

Pain is a hard thing for patients to understand. For them, pain is pain. They don’t care if it’s localized or referred, chronic or acute, nerve or muscle-based. They just want a solution that alleviates their pain and restores their quality of life. This is what makes explaining neuropathy so hard. There’s often a gap […]