Why You Need a Chiropractic BioPhysics Provider

Medical illustration of illuminated spine with man holding back
Chiropractic care has been a sought after treatment for addressing health problems related to pain, injury, and other general health issues for over a century. It recognizes the necessary balance between spinal structures and neutral tissue for sustaining good health free of disease. Chiropractic BioPhysics (CBP) has taken the classic chiropractic approach one step further to provide exemplary patient care. Today, we will dive into why a CBP care provider should be your first choice when you are trying to prevent, manage, or cure body dysfunction.

What makes CBP different?

CBP is a clinically-based approach that focuses on spine alignment and posture correction.It is deeply rooted in sound research and has evolved into an effective non-invasive holistic protocol that promotes healing and balance in the body. It is a sought after certification for chiropractors, although only an elite handful are currently certified in the U.S.

How nerve energy affects your overall health

To understand why CBP focuses on spine alignment as the core of all treatment, it helps to think of an analogy. Imagine you are trying to care for a beautiful bed of rose bushes. To thrive, they need the basics of sunlight, water and nutrients. You set up an automatic drip system so that you can water them everyday to keep them well hydrated, healthy, and beauitful. What you don’t realize is there is a kink in the hose that has led to the roses getting only 10% of the water they need. As they start to look sick and die, you try changing their fertilizer and sun exposure with no help. Without the vital life source of water, the roses simply cannot flourish.

This same idea goes for nerve energy in the body. Nerve flow is the life force that allows the entire body to effectively communicate and coordinate function. If neural tissue is pinched or blocked due to spine misalignment, it can leave your body out of sync. When this primary issue isn’t addressed first, it can lead to years of treatment with few results and a lot of frustration!

The benefits of CBP care

The benefits you will gain from working with a CBP professional are way beyond restoring spine alignment. When nerve flow is restored, the entire body can finally heal and function at its highest potential. This means you will notice improvements in many areas of your health and life: better concentration, less chronic disease, improved organ function, increased tolerance for activity, better pain tolerance, and so much more. When you work with a CBP provider, you are saying yes to the best possible healthiest version of yourself. With regular check-ups, you can continue to feel your best no matter what issues you face in life.

Find a CBP care provider in your area today to see what treatment options are available for you.