Teaching Activity Modification to Help Patients Cope with Chronic Pain

It’s the job of a good chiropractor not only to help correct a patient’s spinal alignment, but also to act in a proactive capacity. Diligent adjustments mean very little if the problem is recurring. Just like the objective of chiropractic is to treat the source, not the symptoms, so should the goal of every chiropractor be to treat the habit, not its effects. This starts with activity modification.

Activity is everything when it comes to long-term spinal health. Regardless of underlying medical conditions or lifestyle, variables like posture, ergonomics, and biomechanics are the prime determinants in spinal health. In realizing a recurring spinal problem, chiropractors need to trace it back to behavior enablers.

At Ideal Spine, we believe recognizing poor habits and teaching activity modification are core elements of holistic chiropractic. Giving patients the tools to preserve their spine health is the highest form of chiropractic excellence.

Identify the habit

Forward head posture. Anterior pelvic tilt. These conditions and many more are the flagrant signs of bad habits affecting spine health. Identifying these misaligned biomechanics is a chiropractor’s first clue in understanding why their patients continue to experience pain.

Bring these postural shifts and recurring problem to the attention of your patient. The first and best thing you can do is show them specifically what’s causing them grief. Then, extrapolate it. Trace forward head position to the poor posture of sitting at a disproportionate desk job with no ergonomic support. Then, show the strain of forward head position on the cervical spine, cervical nerves, shoulders, all the way down to the posterior chain.

This illumining experience sets the tone for severity and showcases the need for change. It’s the perfect preface for teaching activity modification.

Modify the habit

In addition to delivering precision adjustments to alleviate the effects of spinal misalignment, chiropractors also need to explicitly teach activity modification.

Using the example of forward head posture, it’s not enough to say “sit up straighter” or “get a better chair.” Have patients sit at a mock desk and physically show them the proper approach to correcting poor posture and mechanics. Touch the target areas for patients to be mindful of and explain the proper position relative to their habits.

Once patients are familiar with the shift that’s required to restore good mechanics, teach tips and habits that keep them mindful of these adjustments. This can include postural correction techniques, as well as stretching or lifestyle changes. It all adds up to activity modification, which breaks the cycle of chronic spinal misalignments.

Break the cycle

While delivering corrective relief is the primary role of a chiropractor, equally as important is teaching proactive wellness. Activity modification is a patient’s first line of defense against the habits responsible for their chronic pain and recurring problems.

Ideal Spine advocates a component of activity modification as part of a comprehensive Chiropractic BioPhysics plan. Teaching patients how to preserve the adjustments made and adopt long-term, healthy habits will reinforce overall wellness now and for the future.

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