Spinal Rehabilitation for Polytrauma Patients

For sufferers of a polytrauma, the road to recovery isn’t something they’ll be thinking about immediately following their ordeal. First, they’ll be thanking a higher power and wondering how and why they’re still alive. Polytrauma is a tremendously serious medical designation, usually only given to victims of a severe situation. It’s dealt with by survivors of horrific natural disasters, active warzones, or devastating vehicular accidents.

Polytrauma is aptly named because it references multiple severe traumas, sustained at the same time. A person might break their hip, fracture their skull, and suffer superficial wounds all at once, or break both arms and sustain nerve damage to their lower body simultaneously. The results of a polytrauma are often life-altering, to say the least.

Eventually, however, recovery is something that needs to be considered. Polytrauma victims need to restore their body to as much mobility and function as is possible after sustaining a major injury. Often, this means incorporating a level of chiropractic into the mix, alongside traditional rehab and even psychological counseling.

At Ideal Spine, we don’t deal with many polytrauma recovery cases. However, we understand the importance of creating a recovery plan for those continuing lives after a major disruption. Above all, restoring spinal integrity is crucial.

Stabilizing the spine

Any trauma, no matter how severe, has the potential to disrupt the spine in some way. An athlete suffering a concussive blow to the head may suffer damage to the cervical spine. A painter falling off a ladder may shift lumbar discs in addition to a broken leg. Even banging your knee on a table can cause misalignments if you favor your other leg for a few days!

For polytrauma patients, spinal misalignment or dysfunction is inherent. As they deal with broken extremities or substantial wounds, it’s important not to forget the spine, even though there may be no localized injuries to the back or neck. A spine suffering misalignment, translation, herniated discs, or myriad other conditions can impede overall recovery and present a host of new problems on the path to recovery.

Nerve damage implications

One of the lasting problems to come from polytrauma is nerve damage. The severity of the trauma in these cases often completely destroys nerve endings, making it impossible for victims to regain feeling or movement in certain areas of their body. A slim margin of the time, however, nerve damage can be regenerated if the impediment is rooted in the spine.

Correcting shifted spinal discs and subluxations in the spine that compress nerves or impede signals can help to facilitate a restoration in the areas of the body directly affected by trauma. For example, broken arms or legs may lose nerve sensation that can be regained by correcting subluxation in the spine.

Operating on these same nerve pathways are crucial arteries. Restoring spinal integrity also opens the potential for better delivery of blood flow and nutrients throughout the body, which proves essential in assisting natural recovery.

Trauma goes beyond the injury site

Someone suffering from polytrauma may never be able to live their life normally again, due to the severity of their injuries. However, getting the right care and paying close attention to a tailored recovery plan could mean the difference between 60 percent recovery and 80 percent recovery.

Chiropractic may serve to be an integral part in recovery, especially for someone whose body has sustained catastrophic disruption. It’s important to remember that the spine is at the center of so many vital systems, and that relief here can affect positive healing elsewhere. At Ideal Spine, we know the critical role of the spine in a person’s whole-body wellbeing, which is why no matter the extent of the trauma, we seek to deliver relief here first.

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