Pinpointing Lifestyle Detractors That Cause Spinal Disc Deterioration

While chiropractic is built on the idea of adjustments and manipulations to align and maintain the posture of the spine, it goes far beyond the cracks and pops. One all-important element of chiropractic care is lifestyle adjustment. It’s something every chiropractor will advise, and it’s up to each patient to integrate this advice into their life. When they do, the results can be profound and lasting.

Lifestyle changes are frequently prescribed to directly combat postural detractors. These can be conscious or unconscious things a patient does that slowly, subtly regress their spine health. Pinpointing them and offering advice that counters them enables chiropractors to continue providing relief to patients long after they’ve left the adjustment table.

There’s virtually no limit to the number of unique lifestyle detractors a patient may present with. Ideal Spine encourages chiropractors to constantly observe the habits of patients and the deviation tendencies of their spines, to better understand what advice may affect positive results.

Postural observation

Examining and assessing a patient’s sitting, standing, and laying postures may yield tremendous insight into what’s causing spinal deviation.

If a patient has foot pronation, for example, a chiropractor can follow this up to a shifting pelvis or lumbar subluxations. This enables them to make the connection for patients, prompting a conscious focus on avoiding foot pronation and thus, avoiding a backslide into consistent pelvic and lumbar pain.

In this same vein, assessing postural tendencies that develop as a result of misalignment is a great opportunity for chiropractors to teach patients. Retraining someone in proper sitting posture after years of compensating for thoracic lordosis, for example, helps them realize the effects of poor posture on their overall wellness. In this situation, what they’re accustomed to is incorrect and needs to be revised for proper health.

Unconscious habits become conscious

Often, it’s unconscious habits that do the most harm to patients. Slouching while they sit, walking with their shoulders slumped, or tilting their head while they read are all subtle, yet destructive tendencies. They have the power to quickly undo the positive adjustments made by a chiropractor.

As a chiropractor is able to pinpoint unconscious lifestyle detractors and make patients aware of them, they can also provide counterbalance solutions. In some cases, these take the form of adjustments. A mirror image adjustment of a tilted head can provide relief, for example. In other cases, new lifestyle habits need to be adapted. Someone who runs on their toes might need to retrain themselves for a purposeful heel strike to avoid exercise injuries.

The purpose in making unconscious habits conscious is to get patients familiar with them. If they know they have a tendency to do X, they can actively develop a reflex to avoid it or train themselves to do Y instead. Adjustments will last longer and have more time to take hold, equating to better long-term relief and a better quality of life.

Preventing disc deterioration

Lifestyle changes and conscious betterment of physiological habits add up to better spine health, primarily through disc preservation. When discs aren’t being displaced, stressed, or shifted, they’re able to maintain function and strength. This in turn makes them more resilient and less likely to be compromised in the way unhealthy discs might.

Healthier discs can mean everything from a better daily quality of life, to less invasive adjustments when needed, to resistance against the rigors of age, and beyond. All it takes is emphasis on eliminating those elements of your lifestyle that detract from posture and spine health.

Ideal Spine ensures chiropractic goes beyond just manual adjustments. For truly sustainable chiropractic results, we encourage lifestyle adjustment, to assess and address all of the factors actively burdening your spine.

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