Boosting Your Immunity Holistically

Medical Illustration of Germs and Viruses
The immune system is a hot topic right now. Yet, the focus remains on hand sanitizer, masks, and hand washing techniques. While these may provide some short term protection from current viruses and bacterias making their rounds in the population, what about the long term solutions for building immunity?

Ironically, keeping ourselves in a sanitary bubble for too long can have major repercussions for our body’s ability to launch an immune response. So the big question remains, how do we keep ourselves safe in this current pandemic while setting our bodies up for good health down the road? Today, let’s dive into two primary ways that you can holistically boost your immunity.

Nurture Your Microbiome

The health and diversity of the bacteria in our gut have now been shown to have significant effects on our health, including our immunity. When our gut health is optimized, it helps our body’s natural processes for detecting and fighting pathogens. Some simple ways to boost gut health include:

  • Diet. Eating a diet rich in a variety of whole foods and produce is great for promoting diversity in the gut. Plus, it’s great for overall health and optimal gene expression.
  • Supplements.There are a ton of probiotics on the market now that can help boost your gut health.
  • Nature time. Vitamin D, grounding, and a boosted sense of well-being are all secondary to the benefits that being outside provide to the microbiome.
  • Quarantine bubbles. Completely avoiding outside contact with people (and places) can have long term effects on our body’s normal exposure to the bacteria we need in our environment. Having a group of trusted family or friends to see regularly can be the best of both worlds if you’re comfortable.
  • Optimizing the body’s nerve signals. The central nervous system plays a primary role in gut motility and overall body balance that can affect gut health. Good spine alignment is crucial for good nerve flow- something that can be addressed with a Chiropractic BioPhysics (CBP) specialist.

Keep Your Body in Balance

A strong immune system is all about keeping the entire body in balance. The human body is a complicated amazing system with a lot of moving parts that work best when in sync.

  • Spine alignment. A CBP care provider can provide expert, research-oriented, and holistic treatment to restore subtle spine misalignment issues. This allows the body to function optimally on all levels.
  • Exercise. A body that moves is a healthy one. Regular exercise provides so many benefits that keep you feeling your best and the immune system strong.
  • Stress management. High stress can wreak havoc on your health and immune system. Exercise, CBP care, and mindfulness practices can all help you better manage your stress.

Ultimately, holistic health management with a CBP practitioner can help encourage a healthy gut, better manage stress, and exercise more efficiently and pain free. With a primary focus of restoring spine misalignment, there are so many great benefits of Chiropractic care that help to boost innate health and immunity. FInd a provider in your area today to see how they can help build your health.