Advising on Chiropractic Manipulations Post Surgery

“I’ve just had surgery. Is it okay for me to visit a chiropractor?” This question and variations of it are some of the most-asked in the realm of chiropractic relief. It’s a great question and one that shows people are mindful of their health and recovery after an invasive procedure.

The answer varies among patients, but for the most part, chiropractic is generally considered safe for patients after surgery. If you’re able to resume light physical activity, you’re likely able to visit your chiropractor.

That said, Ideal Spine advocates exceptional caution when treating patients who have recently gone under the knife, regardless of their procedure. There are extra precautions and safeguards chiropractors must take to protect their patients from unnecessary stress and strain:

  • Inquire about the procedure: The type of surgery plays a big role in everything from recovery timeline to level of acceptable activity afterward. Chiropractors need to be aware of the nature of a surgical procedure to assess how to best treat their patient and avoid complications, aggravation of the injury, or unwanted side effects. Just keep in mind, chiropractors are subject to HIPAA compliance like any other caregiver.
  • Talk through the recovery: Have a candid conversation with patients about how their recovery is progressing. Ask about milestones, recovery timelines, their latest checkup, and how they feel. A good chiropractor will be able to gauge the feel of a recovery and it’s likely to affect the type of treatment they administer (or not administer).
  • Stay apprised of medical concerns: Does your patient have a heightened risk of injury due to an underlying chronic medical condition? Do they have a history of slow recovery after surgery? These things are important to know before treatment and need to be thoroughly evaluated by a diligent chiropractor. Because evaluation of medical history is part of the Chiropractic BioPhysics (CBP) approach, much of this information should come to light during the initial assessment phase.
  • Gauge thresholds: If you’re choosing to administer adjustments to a patient, take stock of their thresholds before diving into a full adjustment routine. Examine their range of motion and any pain associated with that movement. Also take into account variables like weight restrictions or limited mobility during the recovery process, both of which limit the range of adjustments that can be delivered.
  • Space appointments: Chiropractic, while healing, can take a toll on the body. When developing an adjustment schedule, be sure to accommodate surgical recovery times. For example, if a normal schedule calls for adjustments every 5 days, consider extending the recovery period to 7 to allow proper recuperation. Try to accommodate both the body’s increased need for recovery while staying aligned with optimal adjustment periods.
  • Encourage wellness and healing: Work with recovering patients to support their recovery not just through chiropractic, but traditional means as well. This may include advising on diet and light exercise, as well as supplementation or other gentle adjustments, like massage. Focus on recommending tips that improve blood flow and lower stress – both of which play into beneficial healing.

Chiropractic after surgery can be a beneficial support to the body’s natural healing processes, but only if undertaken properly. When developing a CBP plan for your patient, Ideal Spine recommends taking every precaution, including adhering to the tips mentioned above.

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