Encouraging Patients to Take up Low-Impact Exercise During Adjustment Periods

Chiropractic care extends far beyond the appointment. While adjustments and in-office exercises often leave a patient feeling better than they did when they come in, the moment they leave begins a slow decline until their next appointment. In time this decline will slow and stop, allowing patients to recover their spine health fully. But it’s aided and expedited by what a patient does outside of their schedule appointments.

At Ideal Spine, we encourage chiropractors to teach their patients about the numerous benefits of low-impact exercises as part of their Chiropractic BioPhysics (CBP) adjustment schedules. Proactive exercise at home can expedite adjustment schedules, improve quality of life, and help patients assume control over their wellbeing.

What types of low-impact exercises matter?

Depending on the patient, their quality of life, and mobility, a broad range of low-impact exercises are possible. Some of the most common and beneficial include:

  • Basic stretching. Teaching patients basic range of motion exercises and stretches is imperative. Not only will these exercises improve range of motion to affected areas, they promote relaxation and passive healing through better blood flow and oxygenation. They require no equipment and a small time investment each day.
  • Elaborating on basic stretching, yoga is a perfect combination of stretching, strengthening, and present-mindedness. 30 minutes of yoga every day over a period of 30 days has been proven to improve mobility, flexibility, mood, and core strength – all things vital to spinal health during an adjustment period.
  • For those who lead an active lifestyle hampered by pain or discomfort, cycling is a great activity. It’s inherently low-impact, yet has the ability to raise heart rate, increasing blood oxygenation and triggering the release of adrenaline and endorphins to combat pain. The calorie burn also benefits overall health.
  • Swimming and water aerobics. Swimming is a zero-impact exercise for the whole body. It matches many of the benefits of cycling, regardless of stroke choice. Swimming laps also strengthens muscles, improving the staying power of chiropractic adjustments. For seniors or those with mobility challenges, water aerobics offers more tempered benefits.

As little as 30 minutes of low-impact exercise each day has proven benefits on the body. Diligent exercise between adjustment appointments, coupled with postural corrections, may greatly expedite the realignment of the spine.

Put the onus on the patient

Chiropractic is a give and take relationship. Practitioners can deliver corrective action and advise patients in how to maximize these benefits to preserve spine health. But to capitalize on these benefits, patients must be willing to observe lifestyle changes. Taking up low-impact exercises at home may be part of this.

At Ideal Spine, we extol the benefits of low-impact exercise as part of a healthy approach to living. We encourage chiropractors to recommend a low-impact exercise regimen to their patients, while explaining the benefits of adhering to it. As patients begin to realize the control they have over their own wellbeing, the more motivated they’ll be to engage in maintaining their adjustments.

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