Date: 07/18/2020


Chiro One Wellness Center Chicago Chicago, IL United States


Chiro One Wellness Centers – Module 3: CBP® Instrument Adjusting & Upper Cervical

  • This course provides an integrated education for the Doctor of Chiropractic in the science and art of upper cervical spinal disorders with application to instrument adjusting for full spine postural subluxations and joint fixations.
  • The Chiropractor will learn how posture displacement influences the upper cervical spine as well as normal joint kinematics and instability analysis of the upper cervical spine.
  • The biomechanics and neurophysiological mechanisms of instrument adjusting techniques will be reviewed with indications for different techniques of segmental versus postural adjusting.
  • Corrective global postural subluxation setups for the head, thoracic cage, and pelvis with a hand-held instrument used to adjust the upper cervical area will be reviewed as will segmental adjusting techniques for upper cervical subluxation/displacements.
  • The DC will learn at least one proper side and opposite side type of set up for each of the head to thoracic spine postures and the DC will learn one proper side and opposite side type of set up for each of the very common full spine postures.
  • Upper cervical flexion/extension subluxation/fixations of the occiput on atlas and their corrective adjustments will be described and demonstrated.
  • The details of case management using these instrument adjusting methods will be covered using a variety of case studies for a comprehensive picture of clinical application of this course material.
  • Last, a survey of research material will be reviewed supporting the utilization and efficacy of the course materials in patient populations