Date: 03/28/2020


Chiro One Wellness Center Chicago Chicago, IL United States


Chiro One Wellness Centers – Module 1: CBP® Basic X-Ray & Posture

  • This course provides an integrated education for the Doctor of Chiropractic reviewing the literature on frequency and duration topics for establishing a logical treatment plan for Chiropractic patients.
  • This course will define two types of structural based models for chiropractic assessment, interventions and outcomes. The first is a set of average and ideal alignment
    values for the upright spinal column and the second is an optimum static equilibrium upright postural model; detailed literature will be presented.
  • Using the models as a starting position, six biomechanical types of subluxation will be delineated.
  • Emphasis will be placed on abnormal posture and segmental spinal coupling patterns as rotations and translations in 3-D as well as alterations of the sagittal plane curvatures.
  • The validity, reliability, projection geometry of CBP analysis methods will be presented.
  • The CBP® method of postural examination and with practical technique training stations will be taught. Some basic definitions and theorems from mechanical engineering governing rigid body motion will be reviewed and applied to the spine and posture.
  • The attendee will learn to identify, categorize, quantify, and correct the structural component of the vertebral subluxation complex.
  • Lastly, the attendee will learn to structure a patient specific, evidence based CBP Rehabilitative Program of care terms of frequency and duration of care.