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Supplemental Spine Health Treatments Available to Chiropractors

Chiropractors are primarily associated with back and neck manipulation – the popping, cracking, twisting, and pulling that’s synonymous with adjustments. HVLA adjustments are far from the only capabilities of an experienced practitioner, however. In fact, the chiropractic toolbox is expansive and includes far more than manual adjustments. The treatments a chiropractor may leverage to help […]

Untangling the Complicated Web of Peripheral Nerve Disorders

Peripheral nerve disorders affect the parts of your nervous system that exist outside of your brain and spinal cord. When these components of your body’s communication network are not operating properly, they can cause wide-ranging discomfort and pain. Whether a patient’s body is experiencing localized stabbing sensations or a general throb, peripheral nerve disorders may […]

Separating Coccydynia From Other Types of Lower Back Pain

Coccydynia, or inflammation of the tail bone, is a unique type of lumbar pain that can cause patients a severe amount of discomfort and agony. Identifying coccydynia and separating it from other types of lower back pain, however, can be difficult even for well-trained chiropractic professionals. Coccydynia is actually an umbrella term that can refer […]