Reducing Injury Risk with an Auto Accident

Man exiting vehicle in pain after accident
One of the top causes of injuries in the U.S. results from car accidents. Unfortunately, with the sheer number of people on the road auto accidents are quite common. The estimated three million people that are injured each year put a large burden on the U.S. healthcare system. Long term issues pose the largest burden secondary to onset of disability and chronic suffering.

Spine Alignment and Auto Injuries

The major risk factor associated with injury and pain in the event of an auto accident is the impact that the car and passengers sustain. Most often strain occurs to tissues in the neck, back, and head. Even with lower impact injuries, the phenomenon of delayed symptoms often occurs with an auto injury.

Delayed symptoms like pain, stiffness, and loss of function commonly occur with more subtle issues related to spine alignment. Spine misalignment is a major driving force in the symptoms that manifest with time, yet they are commonly overlooked. This is why seeking immediate help from someone specialized in Chiropractic BioPhysics (CBP), an elite approach to holistic spine care, can help you get on track quickly and provide long term results.

Spine misalignment affects nerve flow and the body’s ability to optimally complete everyday functions crucial for good health. There are ways to minimize the effects of spine misalignment in the event of a car accident, which we will discuss now. Always talk to a CBP practitioner for further expert advice.

Preventing Severe Auto Injuries

Here are some quick tips for decreasing your risk of injury in the event of a car accident. They can also help minimize your down time.

Don’t Forget Your Seatbelt

We all know seatbelts are important, but are you wearing yours correctly for proper impact absorption? The seatbelt should be connected without any twists. Always ensure the lap belt is crossing your pelvis bones, not your stomach, and that the shoulder strap crosses midchest near the sternum and then the shoulder itself. Lastly, make sure the belt is snug and secure.

Seat Adjustments are Important

Airbags are important but can also cause unnecessary damage if not properly aligned. Always keep your seat as far away from your steering wheel as possible, while still being able to drive safely. Additionally, the headrest and seat incline should be adjusted so that you are sitting comfortably supported in good posture while driving. Specifically, your headset should be aligned with the back of your head to minimize risk of whiplash.

Your Steering Wheel

The next time you get in your car take note of where your steering wheel is pointing. If it’s pointing at your face, which is common, it should be adjusted to point at your chest. This will promote better impact absorption and decrease strain to the head and neck if the airbags are deployed.

Pay Attention to Your Posture

With your seat adjusted properly, keeping good posture should be easy. However, don’t forget about your full body alignment. Try to avoid common habits like crossing your legs, putting the feet up on the dashboard or leaning significantly to one side. This sets your body up for spine misalignment issues anyways that would only be exacerbated with an accident. Opt for keeping your feet flat on the floor with good posture.

Auto Accidents and Chiropractic Care

Understanding good spine alignment can help prevent unnecessary injuries with an auto accident. Yet, since injuries happen it’s good to seek care from an expert. A CBP care provider can help you restore spine alignment to start healing and feeling your best as soon as possible. Find a certified Chiropractor in your area to maximize your recovery process today for both your prevention and treatment needs.

Why You Should See a Chiropractor Post-Injury: 3 Top Reasons

golfer holding lower back in pain
Life is imperfect and messy. When we push ourselves and explore the world, accidents are bound to happen and they are a part of life. The top causes of injury in the U.S. include falls, auto accidents, sports injuries, and poisoning. For the first three causes, a large number of them result in injury to joints like the spine, knees, hands and feet. The biggest concern after an injury is proper healing. Without proper treatment, disability, chronic pain, and unnecessary suffering pose a big unfortunate risk.

Chiropractic for Injury Care

Injuries most often cause pain that result in problems with spine misalignment, faulty movement patterns, and a poor quality of life. Seeking care from an expert in alignment and movement can help you recover quicker and sustainably. Chiropractic BioPhysics (CBP) is a research-oriented, elite approach for providing holistic full body care. A CBP provider can help promote proper recovery and decrease the risk of disability and chronic suffering.

3 Reasons You Need a Chiropractor

Here are just three of the amazing benefits of finding a CBP care provider in your area.

1. Restore Spine Alignment

CBP providers are the experts in spine alignment. Subtle spine misalignments can affect nerve energy in the body and lead to poor general body function, slower healing, pain, and other problematic symptoms unbeknownst to the sufferer. Spine misalignment is a common root cause for symptoms that should be addressed as a first priority. This then innately allows the body to restore normal function and healing for the recovery process.

2. Optimize Tissue Healing

Once spine alignment is restored, you and your Chiropractor can maximize the effects of other treatment options for healing injured tissues. A CBP provider can provide a personalized treatment plan focused on providing effective, holistic, non-invasive techniques. The goal is to continue to encourage good spine alignment while allowing the body to properly recover. Treatment might include options like pain management with modalities, soft tissue massage, exercise and stretching instruction, extensive education and more.

3. Maximize Your Long Term Success

One of the primary reasons for sustaining an injury is having suffered a previous injury. Additionally, initial symptoms can become chronic and get worse with time if they are ignored and not dealt with in the first place. With proper sustainable recovery the first time, you can minimize this risk of future problems. Often, long term issues stem from faulty movement patterns, a misunderstanding of the original injury, scar tissue, and ultimately spine misalignment. Expert care from a CBP provider can help minimize all of these issues head on right from the start. They are trained to recognize subtle changes that can make a big difference in the long run.

Finding a Chiropractor For Your Injuries

When you sustain an injury, choosing a CBP care provider is a must. They can boost your potential for recovery and get you feeling better as soon as possible. Chiropractic care should be your choice of care for injuries to improve outcomes, reduce pan, and simply feel your best. Find a CBP practitioner in your area to maximize your recovery process today.

Chiropractic Care and Low Back Pain

Man sitting on exercise bench holding back in pain
Low back pain is one of the top reported reasons for suffering long term disability and chronic pain. With more than 65 million people in the U.S. reporting at least one incidence of back pain in their lifetime, low back pain is a very common issue. Unfortunately, because of the general symptoms that sufferers experience it can be ambiguous and hard to properly diagnose and treat low back pain. When dealing with low back pain, it is always best to seek medical care early from a healthcare provider that focuses on holistically healing and restoring balance, such as a chiropractor.

Causes of Low Back Pain

The low back, or lumbar spine, is complex. This can make it hard to pinpoint an exact cause. Here are some of the most common underlying issues that can occur singularly or in combination with others.

  • Degeneration of any vertebral joints causing a narrowing of space for local nerves and the spinal cord
  • Herniated discs that can also put unnecessary pressure on neural tissues
  • Spine misalignment secondary to underlying issues like kyphosis, scoliosis, or lordosis OR from poor posture, injury, or poor movement patterns
  • Ligament strains or muscles strains secondary to a weak core, lifting too heavy, reaching, poor posture, and poor mechanics with daily activities
  • Chronic illness/health problems such as cancer, fibromyalgia, infection, and obesity

What symptoms are experienced with low back pain can vary greatly from person to person. Plus, it depends on which tissues are actually affected. Muscle weakness, stiffness, dull aching, shooting pain, inflammation, tingling, and numbness are all possible symptoms.

Low Back Pain and Spine Alignment

While there are many different causes of low back, often the underlying root cause is secondary to spine alignment. With spine misalignment, nerve flow is compromised and affects neural tissue health and it’s capacity to function normally without pain or other symptoms. Spine misalignment directly affects the tissue health of the surrounding muscles, ligaments, and nerves while also affecting full body function because of its effects on the central nervous system (aka spinal cord and brain).

Chiropractic BioPhysics (CBP) is the best option out there for addressing spine misalignment. CBP care is a holistic, non-invasive, and research based approach that can help restore back health at its source. With proper nerve energy, the spine can function in balance to manage and minimize symptoms of low back pain.

Tackle Your Low Back Pain with CBP Care

Sick of suffering from chronic symptoms or want to prevent your low back pain from getting severe or chronic in nature? Find a CBP care provider in your area. They will work with you to create a personalized treatment plan that addresses your symptoms and specific spine dysfunction so that you can feel your absolute best. A life free of pain, or better managed pain, will help you thrive in it.

Boosting Your Immunity Holistically

Medical Illustration of Germs and Viruses
The immune system is a hot topic right now. Yet, the focus remains on hand sanitizer, masks, and hand washing techniques. While these may provide some short term protection from current viruses and bacterias making their rounds in the population, what about the long term solutions for building immunity?

Ironically, keeping ourselves in a sanitary bubble for too long can have major repercussions for our body’s ability to launch an immune response. So the big question remains, how do we keep ourselves safe in this current pandemic while setting our bodies up for good health down the road? Today, let’s dive into two primary ways that you can holistically boost your immunity.

Nurture Your Microbiome

The health and diversity of the bacteria in our gut have now been shown to have significant effects on our health, including our immunity. When our gut health is optimized, it helps our body’s natural processes for detecting and fighting pathogens. Some simple ways to boost gut health include:

  • Diet. Eating a diet rich in a variety of whole foods and produce is great for promoting diversity in the gut. Plus, it’s great for overall health and optimal gene expression.
  • Supplements.There are a ton of probiotics on the market now that can help boost your gut health.
  • Nature time. Vitamin D, grounding, and a boosted sense of well-being are all secondary to the benefits that being outside provide to the microbiome.
  • Quarantine bubbles. Completely avoiding outside contact with people (and places) can have long term effects on our body’s normal exposure to the bacteria we need in our environment. Having a group of trusted family or friends to see regularly can be the best of both worlds if you’re comfortable.
  • Optimizing the body’s nerve signals. The central nervous system plays a primary role in gut motility and overall body balance that can affect gut health. Good spine alignment is crucial for good nerve flow- something that can be addressed with a Chiropractic BioPhysics (CBP) specialist.

Keep Your Body in Balance

A strong immune system is all about keeping the entire body in balance. The human body is a complicated amazing system with a lot of moving parts that work best when in sync.

  • Spine alignment. A CBP care provider can provide expert, research-oriented, and holistic treatment to restore subtle spine misalignment issues. This allows the body to function optimally on all levels.
  • Exercise. A body that moves is a healthy one. Regular exercise provides so many benefits that keep you feeling your best and the immune system strong.
  • Stress management. High stress can wreak havoc on your health and immune system. Exercise, CBP care, and mindfulness practices can all help you better manage your stress.

Ultimately, holistic health management with a CBP practitioner can help encourage a healthy gut, better manage stress, and exercise more efficiently and pain free. With a primary focus of restoring spine misalignment, there are so many great benefits of Chiropractic care that help to boost innate health and immunity. FInd a provider in your area today to see how they can help build your health.