5 Reasons You Should Have Chiropractor on Speed Dial

man holding model spine pointing to vertebrae
Keeping good health is all about finding balance within the body. This is often dictated by a lot of the daily choices we make related to things like diet, exercise, sleep, and stress management. When something gets out of balance, the traditional medical approach can make you feel lost as to how to regain control.

When it comes to a balanced approach to your health, Chiropractic BioPhysics (CBP) is a great option. This exclusive, deeply-researched, expert oriented approach focuses on optimizing full body function at the foundation of all function: spine alignment. Nerve health and communication is crucial for every function in the body. Thus, spine misalignment (often hard to recognize without a trained eye) can lead to health problems that you didn’t anticipate.

Traditional Chiropractic care has been shown to have many holistic benefits to our health. CBP care takes those benefits one step further. A CBP care provider should definitely be on your radar for all your health needs.

5 reasons you should see a chiropractor regularly

  1. Manage pain holistically. Today’s medical model often pushes treatment options, like medications and surgery, that are unnecessary and mask the underlying issues rather than facing them head on. CBP care is a great alternative that can potentially give you lasting results without all the nasty side effects and risks associated with more traditional options.
  2. Manage illness holistically too. Unfortunately, pharmaceuticals are often the first line of defense against both acute and chronic illnesses. CBP care can help naturally boost your immune system and reduce inflammation in the body. This means your body has a significantly better chance of healing itself and recovering from any disease process.
  3. Feel in control of your overall health. It’s easy to feel dependent on your healthcare provider in today’s medical world. Trade this for feeling educated and empowered by seeking out care from a knowledgeable chiropractor. They will give you the tools and confidence you need to thrive and make your own informed health decisions.
  4. Boost your productivity exponentially. Suffering from an injury, pain, illness, or brain fog that is affecting your ability to work and do what you love? Learn how to prevent, manage, and heal from many of these issues when a CBP practitioner gets to the root issues in the central nervous system via good spine alignment.
  5. Feel your best! All of these reasons come down to one thing: you can reach your full potential as a human being. When your nerve energy is optimized through good spine alignment you can potentially live free of common ailments that affect your quality of life. Put your energy toward what brings you joy in life instead of suffering unnecessarily.

CBP care is a cost-effective non-invasive option for optimizing your health that makes sense. When the root issue is addressed, you can expect to make lasting sustainable changes. Get in touch with a provider in your area today to see what your options are.

Chiropractic care and Injury Prevention

man holding back in pain at workplace
Sustaining an injury, no matter how big or small, is not fun. It can force you to slow down or take a break from what you love to do. While some form of rest may be necessary to expedite the healing process, what if there was a better way?

They say hindsight is 20/20, so it can be hard to determine what steps may have helped prevent your injury. However, there is a solid body of evidence about how to prevent unnecessary injury. The most common type of injury that can be prevented is related to overuse. Many people don’t realize that one of the underlying issues for overuse injuries is spine misalignment.

Traditional ways to prevent injury

Here are a few common ways that injury prevention can be optimized for your sport or daily activities:

  • A regular full body stretching routine to keep the body limber
  • A nutrient dense diet
  • Having a consistent strengthening program
  • Minimizing a sedentary lifestyle as much as possible
  • Proper stress management
  • Tuning into your body to learn when it’s appropriate to progress or modify a movement
  • Regularly seeing a trusted healthcare provider, such as a physical therapist, personal trainer, or chiropractor

Of these options, seeing a chiropractor is the only way to expertly and sustainably address spine alignment.

Spine misalignment and injury.

When the spine is out of alignment, it throws the entire body out of balance from a functional standpoint. With spine misalignment, nerve energy is affected. This can compromise your tissue health, the body’s natural healing capabilities, and normal coordination with daily movement. These ultimately put you at a higher risk for injury.

Proper biomechanics and posture play a large role in injury prevention as well. Once again, spine alignment plays a large role in the body’s ability to coordinate effective, pain-free, injury-free movement.

Here’s what you can potentially expect from addressing spine alignment

  • Primarily, better nerve flow for coordinated movement and signalling
  • With better coordination comes better performance with less effort
  • Fewer issues with tissue health, such as muscle strain, connective tissue damage, and bone health, thanks to good neural signaling.

Preventing injury with good spine alignment

Chiropractic Biophysics (CBP) is a specialized expert-based approach that focuses on addressing the core issues related to spine alignment. Often, a CBP care provider can locate and address spine misalignments you didn’t even know you had. This non-invasive holistic approach can help you establish a solid foundation for regular daily activities without injury. When the spine is well-aligned, nerve flow is restored and the body can move with less risk of injury or complication.

CBP care is a great way to minimize your risk of injury. Find a specialist in your area and see what they can offer. Injury prevention is a great way to continue living your life to the fullest.

How Chiropractic Care can Help Your Neck Pain

man holding neck in pain
If you’ve ever experienced neck pain, you know how it can interfere with your normal daily activities. Upwards of 30% of adults in the U.S. experience neck pain each year. The neck is a high traffic area and can become a victim to a lot of unnecessary damage and impact secondary to trauma, overuse, or less obvious issues related to spine alignment.

Neck pain and spine alignment

The top 6 vertebrae in our spines are designated as the cervical spine, or neck. Functionally, this area houses some pretty important central nervous system hardware that allows us to properly receive signals from the brain, relay signals to the brain for perception, and control sensation and motor control of the head, neck, and upper body. It is also the “highway” to lower levels of the spinal cord.

You probably know how detrimental damage to the neural tissue in the neck can be when a fracture or severe trauma is endured. It can lead to paralysis of the limbs and trouble with basic functions like breathing and bowel function (depending on what level is affected). This is an extreme example. Yet, there are many people dealing with impaired neural energy primarily due to issues with spine alignment every single day. When the spine is misaligned, particularly in the neck, it can manifest as pain, loss of normal function, and other factors that affect quality of life.

Causes of neck pain

Here are some of the most common causes of neck pain:

  • Tech neck. This is an epidemic problem nowadays with many people slouched over their phones and technology for both work and recreation.
  • Trauma. Whether from a fall, blow to the head, or car accident, direct trauma to the neck or head can lead to soreness.
  • Injury. This is typically secondary to strain with use of the upper body or spending too long in an awkward position, particularly sleep.
  • Poor mechanics. Completing your daily activities with bad form is a recipe for disaster. This can include bad posture or poor overall mechanics of the upper body that are straining the neck.
  • Headaches. When headaches are caused by muscle tension or strain, it can easily translate to neck pain as well (the reciprocal is true too!).
  • Spine alignment. While some alignment issues that were just discussed in the bullets above are more obvious, there are also many subtle differences that can be affecting your neck’s ability to cope.

Addressing the underlying problem with CBP care

While there can be many issues that lead to neck pain, the one root cause remains the same. Spine misalignment can leave your neck feeling sore and stiff. Chiropractic BioPhysics (CBP) treatment is an exclusive research-oriented and results-based approach that treats this common cause of neck pain.

A CBP care provider is specially trained to recognize and address any alignment issues non-invasively, effectively, and holistically. Get in touch with a practitioner in your area today to discuss what options are available to you. Treat, manage and prevent your neck pain so that you can get back to focusing on what you want in life.

6 Benefits of Chiropractic BioPhysics Care

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If you’ve ever experienced pain in your neck or back, you may have gotten the recommendation to see a chiropractor or you already have one on speed dial for these times. Yet, did you know that chiropractors take a holistic approach to care that can address almost any facet of your health? Today, we will explore 6 of the benefits that a chiropractor can bring to the table.
CBP care is the gold standard.

Specifically, we will be focusing on Chiropractic BioPhysics (CBP). This elite form of chiropractic care addresses the root cause of many health conditions: spine misalignment. This is done via a non-invasive research-oriented systematic approach that works. This takes a great traditional treatment option (chiropractic care) and makes the process exceptional.

Spine alignment is at the core for healthy living. The spine becomes misaligned more often than most people realize secondary to issues like poor movement, posture anomalies, injuries, and more. When this occurs, it leads to poor nerve energy flow. When normal nerve signals are inhibited, this can manifest into a whole range of issues since our nervous system is literally the command center for our entire body’s function.

6 Benefits of CBP Care

Let’s dive into the 6 benefits of receiving regular CBP care from a trusted healthcare provider.

1. Improved nerve energy

When preventing or managing any type of health issue, nerve energy and flow should always be a top priority. Proper signals between the central nervous system (brain and spinal cord) and the rest of the body allows the organs to function optimally. This allows for all of the additional benefits we are about to discuss possible. CBP care providers are experts in restoring nerve energy via good spine alignment.

2. Reduced risk of illness

Chiropractic care has been shown to reduce a person’s overall risk of illness. This includes both chronic diseases like diabetes and heart disease and acute issues like the cold or flu. When the body is in balance, the immune system is at a better advantage for detecting and addressing any pathogens it may come in contact with.

3. Boost an overall sense of well-being

Mental health issues are often due to an imbalance in the nervous system and/or hormone pathways. Chiropractic care has been shown to restore a sense of well-being that makes it easier to manage issues like depression, stress, and anxiety. It should make sense that proper nerves signals will help you feel your best.

4. Improved Productivity

There are many issues that can lead to poor productivity with your daily activities such as illness, injury, or general brain fog. CBP care can help address all of these issues to maximize your ability to live the life you want to the fullest potential.

5. Better Sleep

Sleep is an overlooked function that is vital for good health. A CBP practitioner can help you sleep in a better posture. Plus, better spine alignment and body function will allow the body to fully rest at night as it’s supposed to. This way you can wake up feeling restored and ready for the day.

6. Pain Management and Injury Prevention

One of the major factors that affect quality of life is having to deal with pain. Whether it’s a new injury or a chronic pain, CBP care can help you feel in control of your symptoms. Plus, treatment can often help prevent further aggravation or even prevent sustaining an injury in the first place. This is one major reason that it is never too soon to seek care!

These are all great reasons to get a CBP care provider on speed dial for all your health support needs. They provide an elite non-invasive way to address a lot of health issues all at once. What are you waiting for? See how your quality of life could benefit from CBP care today.