Corrective Chiropractic: Football Injuries

With Super Bowl 47 coming up, most football fans around the United States are looking forward to rooting for their favorite team, watching quirky commercials, or enjoying a guilt-free day of snacking and drinking.

Football players on the other hand (whether professional, college, or high school) are more concerned about performing at their peak, and avoiding injury on the field.

A recent study has shown a dramatic and eye-opening correlation between an athlete’s neck curve (cervical curve), and the extent of injury sustained during head-first or direct impact blows to the front-top of the skull.

In other words, athletes with straight or reversed cervical curves are prone to complex injuries to the cervical tissue and nerve roots, while those who maintain a normal cervical curve have a lot less chance of long-term and complex injuries.

Screening for neck curve abnormalities should be part of every athlete’s routine before, during, and after football season. Ensuring a correct cervical curve not only protects athletes from complex injuries, but ensures optimal health and wellness for the rest of us.

Ideal Spine Health Center in Eagle Idaho is the largest chiropractic corrective care facility in the United States, specializing in helping athletes (and patients) regain proper spinal alignment and curvature – ensuring optimal health on or off the field.


Corrective Chiropractic: Your New Year’s Resolution

It goes without saying that the start of 2013 marks the beginning of all the resolutions you set out to achieve for yourself and your loved ones. If you are like most Americans, health is the most important aspect of your life that needs improving.

Without adequate health and your well-being, you can kiss most of your other resolutions goodbye. Declining health and vitality robs you of precious energy to achieve your personal or professional goals.

You will be passed up for that big promotion at work because you are always tired around the office. You will put off your dream vacation to the Caribbean, because you have already exhausted too many sick days at work. And you will no longer be able to spend quality time with your family, because your nagging daily headaches, back pain, or the poor shape you are in dictates what activities you can or cannot do.

Chiropractic care can literally change your life, and enable you to live a pain-free life full of energy and vitality.

That’s because chiropractic helps reduce or eliminate pressure on your nerves – the same ones that are responsible for your everyday bodily functions. Chiropractic will help eliminate pain and inflammation, reduce fatigue, and restore normal nerve flow to all your organs – giving you the energy, drive, and peace of mind to go out there and live life the way it was meant.

Chiropractors who specialize in Chiropractic BioPhysics® or CBP® – one of the most researched, scientific, and results-oriented techniques out there – can put your body back into a state of health by realigning your spine back to its natural curve.