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October 2006, Vol. 16, No. 4

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PosturePrint® Head Manuscript Accepted by JMPT

by Tadeusz J. Janik, PhD, MSE


Dr. Tad Janik holds a M.Sc. and Ph.D. in applied mathematics (Finite Elements) from the Warsaw Institute of Technology in Poland and a Master Degree in Electrical Engineering at the University of Alabama in Huntsville. He has taught mathematics courses at universities in Poland, Maryland, Tennessee, and Alabama. Presently, he is a senior research scientist for a US Ballistic Missile Defense contractor in Huntsville, Alabama. He has co-authored more than 60 publications including 35 articles in the Index Medicus with CBP® researchers. He was the originator of the mathematics in the modeling methods of the ideal and average spinal models, used for normal position in CBP® Technique. He developed algorithms and wrote the computer codes used to support the CBP® Nonprofit x-ray digitizer and is the person responsible for calculating all the angles and distances in CBP® x-ray studies. He wrote the analysis code for the PosturePrint® system which calculates standing head, rib cage, and pelvic postures as rotations and translations in 3-D.


    In September, we were informed by Dr. Claire Johnson, Editor of JMPT, that our manuscript on the validity of the PosturePrint® for determining head postures was accepted for publication. This manuscript is entitled, “Validity of a Computer Postural Analysis to Estimate 3-D Rotations and Translations of the Head from Three 2-D Digital Images,” by Janik TJ, Harrison DE, Cailliet R, Harrison DD, Normand MC, Perron DL.

              I presented this head project at the recent ACC-Palmer RAC Conference in March 2006. It is approximately the 25th project that we have co-authored with Rene Cailliet, MD, who continues to contribute to our CBP® Research Team.

              In 2004, Dr. Don Harrison and I traveled to the University of Quebec at Trois Rivieres, Quebec, Canada to work with Martin Normand, PhD, DC. In his Biomechanics lab, we took hundreds of photographs of a mannequin in precisely placed positions and then compared the placed positions to the calculated positions made by using the PosturePrint®. The errors between precisely placed mannequin positions and the PosturePrint® calculations were very small, around 1.5º and 1.5 mm.

              I am especially proud of this manuscript and project, since I wrote the computer code within PosturePrint® that calculates the positions of the head as rotations and translations in 3-D. Using markers with fixed distances on a head helmet and later an easily placed eye glasses, I used projected distances on three photographs of a subject to determine rotations in degrees and translations in millimeters. Having three markers with fixed distances on the helmet/eye glasses was the idea of Dr. Don Harrison and the apparatus was constructed by Dr. Don Meyer of California.

              Previously, we had our thoracic cage project accepted at the European Spine Journal and we have four more PosturePrint® research projects, with data already collected, which need to be written and submitted to journals.



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