The Science of Spinal Health

How to Use X-Ray Templates

Cervical Template:

The cervical circular template was developed from the data used to determine the ideal cervical curvature published in Spine from a population of 400 randomly selected people.

These films are not pre-post antalgia! This is an important point to remember.

When most xray pre-post changes occur in the typical classical chiropractic setting, it is due to getting the person out of pain.



Place on the Vertical axis line (VAL) with one end at T1 posterior-inferior body corner

Place another dot directly vertical from the last dot drawn in step 1 at the height of the posterior-superior lateral mass of C1

Now you can measure translation of the heard on the z-axis

Fit the curve that best fits between the dots drawn in steps 1 and 2. Keep the template completely vertical and now draw an ideal curve in red from C1 –T1

Use black or blue color for George’s Line.

If T1 is not visible, you may use C7. You would now just fit the VAL from C2-C7 instead of C1-T1 and use a smaller arc. NOTE: Make sure to use the same curves on the template on the post film even if you can see T1! You must be consistent and not confuse yourself and/or your patient.

Now you are ready for your Report of Findings, “The black line is you, what do you think the Red line represents?”

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